Rebecca Hann

Rebecca Hann

Motion/Visual Artist, Storyteller, animator and IllustratorNottingham, United Kingdom
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Rebecca Hann

Rebecca Hann

Motion/Visual Artist, Storyteller, animator and IllustratorNottingham, United Kingdom
About me
Hi, I'm Becka and I am currently studying for an MA in Visual communication, with my specialist being the storytelling in moving images and animation. My practice includes the realm of storytelling through moving images and animation. I also include my other passions of art including illustration and photography to bring together beautiful ideas. I focus on the extremities of today's modern society and how the progression of technology and capitalism have caused an influx of deteriorating mental health and lost futures, as well as having a negative impact on our landscapes. I am looking for artists, storytellers, and animators etc to collaborate with on projects, exhibitions and anything and everything creative. I love to share my ideas and also learn new skills from new people so we can work together to create something beautiful.
  • Character Design- Looking at shapes
    Character Design- Looking at shapesA short animation to investigate the use of shapes to depict a character's personality. A circle can convey life energy and movement, as well as being friendly.
  • Storyboarding
    StoryboardingI have been testing out different storyboards for animations I have been creating recently and would really like to try to find some work experience in this particular sector, especially in the realm of animation/storytelling.
  • OverDrive
    OverDriveA short animation I put together to submit to a local film night at the community art space Carousel in Nottingham. This work briefly discusses how I feel when my anxiety takes over and visualises how my brain reacts to the situation.
  • What a Load of Rubbish
    What a Load of RubbishA project which I entered into the Creative Conscious awards. The story revolves around the problem the planet is getting into with the rubbish that is left behind. We need to start looking after this planet and stop using it as our dumping ground. It is not only us that this problem affects.
  • Addiction
    AddictionA short story about Addiction
  • Character Design
    Character DesignI am utilizing old illustrations I created with an array of pro markers in my sketchbook and bringing them into the realms of digital using Procreate on my IPad This is a personal project to teach me how to draw digitally and to think about the use of colours for shading to give depth and shape. Following on from there I can then start to create more complex characters that i can use in my storytelling.
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  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Design
  • Animate
    MA Visual CommunicationBirmingham City University - School Architecture and Design
    15 Bartholomew Row, Birmingham B5 5JU, UK
    University of Westminster logo
    University of Westminster logo
    BA Fine Art- First Class Honours University of Westminster
    London, United Kingdom