Rob Bartlett

Rob Bartlett

Reductive Designer | Iconographer | #GoodWithDesignLondon, United Kingdom
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Rob Bartlett

Rob Bartlett

Reductive Designer | Iconographer | #GoodWithDesignLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a designer and iconographer, 20+ years into my digital career. I take a socially progressive, representative, ethically, and ecologically sensitive approach to design. And to life. I specialise in designing global iconography suites for brands such as Spotify, Nissan, HSBC, Babylon (Health), Net-A-Porter, Nokia, and HMD. (Including strategy, development and delivery too.) Elsewhere, I am on a bit of a mission to do something meaningful with design. Starting with my carbon-neutral website.
  • After months of work, the latest Spotify icons are now live.
    After months of work, the latest Spotify icons are now live.Working closely with the incredibly talented team at Spotify Design, this evolution is a celebration of progressive digital design. Not only have we reduced the digital footprint of the set by 60%, we’ve also reduced the visual complexity of the shapes and upped the readability too. There’s a great article accompanying the work which delves deeper into the decisions behind the designs up here:
  • P.I.Y (Print It Yourself) Prints
    P.I.Y (Print It Yourself) PrintsI'm constantly looking for creative ways of reducing my environmental impacts as a designer. Both digitally and physically. So, I have taken my 2020 Visions poster and reimagined it as a striking single-colour artwork, suitable for printing at home. It’s available in four colour ways (charcoal, red, blue and green) and designed to look great on any household stock. I am also donating 100% of all sales to the four Oasthaus Foundation charities I am proud to support. Available at www.caxtonrhod
  • 2020. One To Remember
    2020. One To RememberIt’s safe to say that 2020 was a deeply challenging start to this new decade. Full of highs and lows, triumphs and struggles. These commemorative stamps capture the key events throughout the year. From the UK’s first lockdown in March, to the EU’s eleventh hour deal in December. Each limited edition A3 print is individually numbered and signed. The designs are printed in the UK by a Carbon Balanced Printer. Each one digitally printed on 170gsm FSC acid-free paper and printed using water-base
  • A New Econography Era
    A New Econography EraGeographically, gender and carbon-neutral icons, designed to inspire small behavioural changes simply through their use.
  • A Pictographic Guide To Lowering CO2
    A Pictographic Guide To Lowering CO2A free downloadable PDF to help designers shrink their digital emissions.
  • A New Digital Vision
    A New Digital Vision‘To make anything makes you a part of the problem’. So says one of my favourite makers. A truth that also applies to digital design.
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Projects credited in
  • Net-A-Porter
    Net-A-PorterElevating the value and quality of design throughout Net-A-Porter Group to deliver luxurious, unified experiences across its brands.
Work history
    Open to Interesting BriefsRob Bartlett Design
    Canterbury, United KingdomFreelance
    I have spent 20+ years designing at the forefront of interactive digital design. For the past decade, however, I have specialised in iconography design and have been responsible for global deliveries for brands such as Spotify, Nissan, Net-a-Porter & Mr Porter, HMD/Nokia, HSBC and Babylon Health. My focus on fit, craftsmanship and finish, continues to make me the ‘go-to-guy’ for icons. I am always delighted to discuss an interesting brief. Please feel free to contact me at, or on 07779 01 58 58. For my full list of engagements, please see:
    Icon DesignerNissan Global
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    Redesign of the global Nissan iconography suite. Including concept, design and delivery. Full case study available here:
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