Robbie-Lee Valentine

Robbie-Lee Valentine

Actor, TV Personality & WriterUnited Kingdom
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Robbie-Lee Valentine

Robbie-Lee Valentine

Actor, TV Personality & WriterUnited Kingdom
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My name is Robbie-Lee Valentine, I am a mental health advocate, writer and TV Presenter based in the north west of England on the Wirral, Merseyside. In 2017 I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. According to the National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence it’s estimated that Borderline Personality Disorder is present in 20% of in-patients in psychiatric wards and between 10 and 30% of out-patients. Up to 1 in 10 people with BPD will commit suicide. For me, this breakthrough diagnosis meant that after 33 years, I’d finally found a possible answer to the obsessive thoughts and behaviours that had plagued me my whole life. But that wasn’t all. This preliminary unpacking of my disastrous, mental health history, only lead to more diagnosis. This was just the beginning. What followed was 18 months of gut-wrenching clinical tests, personal breakdowns and family fallouts that eventually procured a multiple, alphabet soup diagnosis of ADHD, OCD and ASD, the latter being a form of Autism known as Asperger's Syndrome or High Functioning Autism Disorder. During the emotional intensity of the last two years, I began to examine my experience and used this as a means to interrogate and reflect upon the characteristics of these disorders. Focusing my attention on how these behavioural disabilities manifest, researching my family history and piecing together a narrative that I could understand. With millions of sufferers around the world, I sought to uncover the truth about my illnesses, to find solutions and coping mechanisms, to accept and embrace the person that I am, to reclaim my true identity – one that had been hidden from me using secrets, lies and toxic manipulation. Before the lockdown I was in talks with a production company about making a series of documentaries that looks very closely at the above topics, and more. I was represented by Vanessa at Curtis Brown and will be touching base with her again in the coming months. I am in the process of writing my memoir and setting up a Community Interest Company that will fill a very necessary gap in the support services currently not in place for individuals who have received an official diagnosis of a neurological condition like ADHD and ASD. I am a practicing buddhist and see this aspect of my life as an important therapy - just as important as taking my medication. I would like to discuss with you how I have been coping during Covid-19 in particular, and also when things are not going so well - how do I ensure I keep myself safe and well? I am on Instagram (The_New_Nordlander), YouTube (RLVTV) and Twitter (RLValentine). With metta, Robbie-Lee Valentine
  • Weekly Running Vlog for Mental Stability with Robbie
    Weekly Running Vlog for Mental Stability with RobbieFollow me as I show you what a typical running training week is like for me . I explain why I run and give you a bit of insight into what training is like. FYI: it’s not always easy. Follow my journey on Instagram too - Thanks for watching.
  • Being Diagnosed with Autism as an Adult (Useful Resources)
    Being Diagnosed with Autism as an Adult (Useful Resources)In this video, I explain how I was eventually diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 33. I also share some useful links (links below) to help those who have been newly diagnosed. - Look out for my upcoming video where I talk about "Managing Sensory Overload" which may be useful for parents and adults alike. Thanks for watching, liking and commenting. I would love to hear your stories. -To collaborate please contact me via email Remember, you're not alone x Links: https:
  • What does an ADHD assessment look like?
    What does an ADHD assessment look like?Hello friends, In this video, I will be taking you through the ADHD diagnostic assessment process. Special thanks to Cheshire and Wirral Partnership for the opportunity. Great groundwork for a much larger project coming up. Thanks for watching, liking, sharing and for staying loving. Robbie-Lee Valentine Audio: Life As Is - Epidemic Sound
    ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE OK?#tb to a much more naïve, less experienced, carefree - yet still clearly an anxious, 2010 version of me. Do I miss Istanbul, I hear you ask, hell yeah! But, I'm also grateful to be home in the UK, and to be finally receiving (FREE) treatment for the struggles I've had with my mental health. Please don't ever feel like you have to hide your problems and suffer in silence - because you don't! The more we talk about this, the better! Yeah, it's hard sometimes having a 'different' brain. But please
    TURKEY CALLS A SNAP ELECTIONYes, President Tayyip Erdoğan calls a snap election in Turkey and it's an absolute joke! Who is he trying to fool? *Visit YouTube in order to activate subtitles.
    I THINK I MIGHT BE GAY*Visit YouTube in order to activate subtitles.
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