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rocco fiumara

rocco fiumara

About me
I am an artist and designer freelance based in Italy. I love bold colors, abstract art, pop culture. Over the years,my interest has grown in the border areas and contamination between the arts and society: architecture and painting, design and social styles, relationships between the artistic cultures of the world. My artistic research is also constantly open on a technical level, passing from typically manual to digital work. In my compositions, the sense of movement prevails, intended as a metaphor for the becoming of reality.
  • DeLorean
    DeLoreanThis work is a reinterpretation of the legendary DeLorean, the car that became famous with the film Back to the Future. I used a painting technique and bold colors to give a "pop" effect and surreal touch. This work is now available as NFT with other pieces on the site SignArt.
    VORTIXThe first work of a series of digital paintings also appliable to textiles
  • Fashion collection
    Fashion collectionA little collection of t-shirt, dress, swimsuit that is now available on my e-shop by Contrado. This is a sample of the organic pattern that reproduces one of my paintings.
  • shark in color
    shark in colorwork for a series of prints with various animals
  • bible t-shirts
    bible t-shirtsA personal project to explore the graphic possibilities of some bible quotes printed on t-shirts.
  • mug design
    mug designThese cups were part of a series of twelve, destined for a temporary exhibition in Milan. They have been designed and handcrafted one by one, painted and baked in the oven (double cooking). All but two have been sold, but I still have the original design and can replicate it.
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Projects credited in
  • Contrado | Certificate Design
    Contrado | Certificate Design
  • Collaborator with my Upwork work
    Collaborator with my Upwork workUpwork is a freelancer site we have been working for years. We completed over 500 projects there and we have a great experience in Web application development. We had many clients who are all satisfied by our dedicated works. Recently Upwork blocked Chinese accounts and we can't create any account on Upwork. I'm looking for a person who can help us create account on Upwork. That account should be verified with your information (including Video call). You share your account and we can share our
  • Bags of Love | Content Creation
    Bags of Love | Content Creation
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Work history
  • Illustration
  • Hand Drawing
  • Fashion Design
  • Painting
  • Textile Design
  • Textile art
  • Abstract Art
  • Accessories Design
  • Graphic Design