Rosie Caldwell

Rosie Caldwell

Graphic DesignerMiddlesbrough, United Kingdom
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Rosie Caldwell

Rosie Caldwell

Graphic DesignerMiddlesbrough, United Kingdom
About me
Graphic Designer. Recently Finished BA(Hons) Graphic Design at Northumbria University specialising in Typography and Editorial Design.
  • Girls Can't Be Cadets
    Girls Can't Be CadetsMy final major project was to create an advertising campaign to try and get young girls to see past the embarrassment of the air cadet uniform, to see beyond the stigma that it's just for boys and ultimately get more girls to join the RAF Air Cadets
  • The Ninth Wave
    The Ninth WaveLimited Edition Box with collectable items based on 19th-century inventions that failed to become the ninth wave of their time. This project was a Collaborative Brief, and we decided to use Andy Warhol's Aspen Magazine as an inspiration for the box instead of creating a boring book. Each individual item is based on a 19th-century invention that failed to become revolutionary. We made a list of the items we wanted to create and split the objects between the two of us, each using our own style wi
  • ISTD Preparation Module
    ISTD Preparation ModuleFor this module, we were given a selection of three briefs to choose from. These were taken from the briefs written by the ISTD Moderators taken from different years. For the brief I chose, we had to take a day in time and create a publication telling the reader the story of this day. I chose the 11th of November 1918, the day World War One ended.
  • Sheets of Metal
    Sheets of MetalGroups of 4, 4 week project We were tasked with researching which metal typefaces were available in the university letterpress studio, and with this information we were to create a typographical broadside that would display all this information in an informative and exciting way
  • Harmless Fun or Salacious Grisliness
    Harmless Fun or Salacious GrislinessPartnered Project, 4 Day Completion Period. We were given an article cut out from a newspaper and we were tasked to bring this story to life through visually engaging typography in any format we desired.
  • ISTD 2020
    ISTD 2020I chose to answer the significance of numbers brief from this years selection, to attempt the change the viewers outlook of numbers and see them in a different light. For my project, I designed a book that investigated the different reasons why people are referred to as numbers such as, by a number in a queue, or by the number on the scales etc.
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Projects credited in
  • Northumbria University, BA (Hons) Graphic Design
    Northumbria University, BA (Hons) Graphic DesignBA (Hons) Graphic Design is a globally recognised course that sharpens creativity, develops our student’s problem solving abilities, enhances their graphic language, presentation and production skills. We provide a friendly and challenging studio environment, specifically designed to replicate the industry workplace, using critique and feedback techniques employed industry-wide.
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Illustration
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Photography
  • Editorial Design
  • Letterpress
  • Book Binding
  • Portrait Drawing
    Results pendingNorthumbria University
    Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
    Specialised in Typography and Editorial Design
    Merit in Art and Design Foundation DiplomaCleveland College of Art & Design
     - Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
    Graphic Design and Illustration Pathway