Rosie Howe

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Content Creator


Aug 2010
  • When I started my channel at the age of 16, I was looking ahead to the future, wanting to study the arts at A levels and university. Despite all the optimism, I had one question, who do I ask for advice when I don’t know anyone who has been to university? I turned to YouTube to find out about what university is like, to hear from real people about what it's actually like to study graphic design, not what the prospectus says. In July, I graduated from university and gave back to the community, by filming my own videos about my university and graduation experience. As a teenager I turned to YouTube for advice about everything from education to fashion, now with my audience growing up with me I get to be someone else's friend, inspiring 18-24 year olds to have the confidence to pursue what they are passionate about. I’ve made over 300 videos talking about topics young woman can relate to, sharing all my experiences, passions and mistakes with the world. 6 years later there are still things that I haven’t experienced or don’t know what to do, but not to worry as there will always be someone else who has and of course they’ve made a video about it.