Ross Flight

Ross Flight

Sound Designer / Composer / Interactive TechnologistLondon, United Kingdom
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Ross Flight

Ross Flight

Sound Designer / Composer / Interactive TechnologistLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Sound designer, producer, engineer and interactive technologist, with 10 years experience working in professional, educational and corporate environments such as the Barbican Centre, National Theatre Studios and the Wellcome Collection. I work on a freelance basis creating original music, designing sounds, building installations and sound engineering performances. I specialise in contemporary theatre, live art, and interactive installations. I am always interested in working and collaborating with new artists, specifically developing performance based technologies and innovative sound design.
  • FEED
    FEEDA Palestinian woman takes a striking photograph of a boy. A journalist steals the image for an unrelated article. A blogger is moved to tears by the article and posts a tribute. An SEO specialist makes the blogger’s tribute go viral. Now all four are caught in a media storm, in a whirring story that moves from reality into dark fantasy as the algorithms spin to deliver ‘what people want’. Welcome to the stimulating world of Feed where emotions are the currency and your passions and fantasies wi
  • The Art of Gaman
    The Art of GamanThe Art of Gaman is an aching exploration of displacement and loss of cultural identity when you find yourself in a country that considers you an enemy. When forgetting your past is shameful, but remembering brings even greater pain, Tomomi must harness the strength to find beauty in the struggle and carve out a new life for herself and be true to who she really is.
  • Invasjon
    InvasjonKhemiri's carousel of one theatrical text sees the struggle between trust and condemnation and sets questions about fear rhetoric and foreclosure in a multicultural society. His playful style, whose language and identity are constantly changing, has attracted the attention and dedication of a wide theater audience at home and abroad.
  • An Evening with Primrose
    An Evening with PrimroseEscape life on demand. Watch and listen as HD cameras and bespoke technology create a unique soundscape from the movement of a flower blooming. All you have to do is surrender to the act of waiting.
  • One Day Maybe
    One Day MaybeA site-responsive performance conceived and directed by Tristan Sharps, inspired by the Gwangju Uprising in South Korea. The production imagined those who died in May 1980 as spirits who returned to witness the results of their sacrifices. What if they could step into the shoes of the young people alive today and see the same world that we see? What would they make of the world we live in? Would they see a world of liberty and democracy? Or would they wonder what they died for and whether
  • Sulphur
    SulphurSulphur, is a beguiling, playfully poetic and choreographic ensemble performance that considers the history and mythology of this most diabolical element.
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