Rubén Álvarez

Rubén Álvarez

Post-Production ArtistCzechia
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Rubén Álvarez

Rubén Álvarez

Post-Production ArtistCzechia
About me
Rubén Álvarez is a Post-production and Digital Artist from Spain, he creates impactful images to spread his own peculiar way of seeing the world. Ruben’s artistic career blossomed when he created “Paradise in the Future”, a work that was commissioned by Adobe and Microsoft. Constantly looking for the essence of making a difference, Rubén specialized in advertising campaigns in which he captures and post produces images for some of the biggest brands in the world. Rubén has been selected to be part of 200 Best Digital Artist Worldwide 2020/21 by Lürzers Archive.
  • Shades of Stelvio
    Shades of StelvioThe main goal of this project was to find the perfect landscape to integrate this Alfa Romeo Stelvio. At first I associated its curved lines with the desert dunes of Fuerteventura, but as time went by and we were exploring the island, the project took a wild and radical form. It’s such a complex work, trying to show the shapes of the car at the same time as you are searching for a look and feel in which both, the landscape and the car are protagonists. My dad came with me this time as the driver
  • The ugliest cars ever photographed
    The ugliest cars ever photographedHave you ever seen an automotive project like this? Using stock images I've created a composition series of 8 pictures to train myself creating shadows, integrating elements, cleaning surfaces and matching perspectives (something which sometimes cannot be exact working with 2D photographs) Not all the automotive projects should be created with brand new cars. This project is part of the 200 Best Digital Artist 2020/21 by Lürzers Archive
  • Bugatti Chiron Sport
    Bugatti Chiron SportSpecially developed for those in search of a unique sporting character. The BUGATTI CHIRON SPORT combines enhanced handling performance and astonishing agility with distinctive design and superlative comfort – an unforgettable driving experience.
  • Another world from Iceland
    Another world from IcelandLogbook_ Saturday 13 March 2021 There was still a long way to go. The busy highlights and beeping of horns filled the streets of the old town, bound by ocean without ways to cross it. In the chaos, a faint cry of panic sounded through my ears, the clanging of the chain the smiling pilot burdened me with upon arrival, like a bell chime calling its followers to itself, back to where they once came. After our momentary farewells, the plane lifted off again to seek its next passenger, to take
  • A Jaguar in Iceland
    A Jaguar in IcelandLocation: Iceland  Photography/Post Production: Rubén Álvarez Driver/Assistant: Toni Lopez Camera : NIKKON D4 ​​​​​​​ - Go Pro Hero 6 The main idea of this project came up from the unsparing search to do something totally out of the ordinary, and what’s more strange than a Jaguar in Iceland. I wanted to make reference to the wild, unique and fierce animal that represents the brand  looking for a great contrast between the animal itself and a remote place like Iceland. We drove day and night, e
  • Black Lives Matter
    Black Lives MatterThis is a personal project, done as study to improve my skills, getting myself out of the comfort zone. I used completely different images retouching them conscientiously to be sure that they look similar in color, light and textures, developing the project to support the #BlackLivesMatter, a movement against police violence towards black people, as well as for various other policy changes considered to be related to black liberation.
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  • We! Shark It
    We! Shark ItPhotography: We! Shoot It Post-Production: RUBEN™ Styling: Andrea Tzelepides Hair&Makeup: Jasminka Models: Jonathan Tolno and Franz Schilly
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