Ruth Baughan

Ruth Baughan

Senior UX DesignerNew York, United States
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Ruth Baughan

Ruth Baughan

Senior UX DesignerNew York, United States
About me
Having spent 3 years working at AKQA London, I am now discovering how UX is practised across the pond in NY. But my mission remains the same. I care about getting under the skin of an experience to transform it from the inside out.
  • Website redesign: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
    Website redesign: Rolls-Royce Motor CarsThis project at AKQA London gave me the incredible opportunity to work on a redesign from sprint 1 to launch. My work on the redesign stretched from remoulding the content architecture of the site, to authoring content on AEM. Our content strategy grew from an original appreciation for the product itself - truly bespoke one of a kind motorcars - which push the boundaries of customisation. It is rare to start a project with such a wealth of quality assets. In this proje
Projects credited in
  • Pride M(ar)ch
    Pride M(ar)chONCE UPON A PROTEST Fifty years ago, the Stonewall Uprising sparked the modern-day LGBTQ+ liberation movement — creating a blaze of activism and awareness. To shine a light on the milestones and sacrifices that brought us to this moment, we created a way for the community and its allies to bring the story of NYC Pride to life. Pride M(ar)ch is an augmented reality experience, narrated by Gerald Busby who witnessed the movement firsthand. Our virtual journey recounts the rich story of Pride with
  • Balance for Better – International Women's Day 2019
    Balance for Better – International Women's Day 2019For International Women’s Day 2019, AKQA New York tackled the mission #BalanceforBetter head on by asking all employees to share their thoughts on how to achieve a gender-balanced studio and create a better world. And it was all based around a simple question posed to both women and men in the studio: WHAT CAN YOU DO TO MAKE US BETTER TOGETHER? #BetterTogether was brought to life through a series of portraits, quotes and website. Each portrait was combined with a personal statement on how they’
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Delivering Workshops
  • CMS Websites
  • Product Design