Ryan Morgan

Ryan Morgan

ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
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Ryan Morgan

Ryan Morgan

ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
Projects credited in
  • DR. MARTENS // "How To Break In"
    DR. MARTENS // "How To Break In"Breaking in is a rite of passage. Everyone’s got their own approach. Some more… imaginative than others! ‘How To Break In’ is a zany comedy-driven commercial laying out the DOs and DON’Ts of breaking in a brand spanking new pair of Dr. Martens. DISCLAIMER: NO PUNK GRANDMAS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS FILM. Client: Dr Martens Agency: Breaks Production Company: FAMILIA Director: Henry Dean Producer: Ryan Morgan Cinematographer: Charles Mori Art Director: Lucy Cooper Editor: Leah Burton @
  • MJ Cole Presents MADRUGADA
    MJ Cole Presents MADRUGADA‘Madrugada’ is a film about serenity, a peek into the solitary magic of night turning into morning. As MJ Cole’s musical offering moves out of the club and into other spaces, we wanted to make a film that did the same thing. We wanted to show that at this forgotten hour, there’s more on offer than emptying dancefloors. This madrugada period turns the world around us into a playground of opportunity. We love, we nurture, we play, we work - we live our lives in a way that is unique to this time.
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