Sabina Mistura

PR Intern

  • LocationUnited Kingdom

About me


I am an experienced professional aspiring to work in the creative industries. I have 5 years experience working in museums, galleries and festivals; including project management, grant applications, working with international partners, and various factions of PR. Although some of the above was paid work, I took on many voluntary positions in order to develop my skills further, and gain as much experience as possible. The more challenging the job, the better. I work well under management and as part of a team, but I am entirely capable of working autonomously to a good standard. Although my core interests are based in museums and galleries, with hopes to work toward a career in curating; my passions are also in art, food and psychology.



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  • Marketing PR
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  • Visual Arts
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  • Exhibition Design
  • Project Management
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Work history


Public Relations

Cultural Communications

Sep 2016
  • London, UK
  • Internship