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Sally Fenaux Barleycorn

Stories that serve change.London, United Kingdom
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Sally Fenaux Barleycorn

Stories that serve change.London, United Kingdom
About me
Internationally-minded scriptwriter, film director, and consultant. I learned everything I know about filmmaking working in the industry for more than a decade, in all types of productions, from all corners of the world. In 2020, I have decided to put an especial focus on my work as a screenwriter, directing for television and influencing the industry to become more diverse. As an experienced WOC, and multicultural professional active in mentoring young talent and involved in activism and community work, I feel that I am especially well equipped to bring my experiences, knowledge, curiosity, open mind, and expertise towards pushing for inclusion in this industry, behind and in front of the camera. That always starts with good writing, building great characters with authentic stories, and coming up with creative solutions for entertaining narratives committed to impulsing change. And follows taking intentional, informed, and focused action at every level of production. As a writer-director, I have a strong commitment to truly cinematic storytelling that connects with an audience beyond the rational understanding of a film, but also at an emotional and sensory level. I am especially interested in futurism, science fiction, speculative and visionary fiction as playgrounds to re-think the world in which we live and what it could become, always with an eye on the social justice issues of today. At the moment, While living between Barcelona and London, I’m writing my first feature film and consulting on a digital series in development for a international streaming platform.
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  • Sally Fenaux Barleycorn
    Dust. That's all we are, aren't we? We are made by the dust of memories as much as by stardust. Fatima is stuck between the memories of what this town used to be. Her birthplace, her family, her home, her heart. And all the dreams she had of what it would one day become. Not a megacity with lights on twenty-four hours and skyscrapers. That doesn't mean progress to her. But rather, a beautiful landscape colored in brown, orange and green, where people lie on their carpets outside in the summer ni
Work history
    Scriptwriter and film directorFreelance
    I have written, directed, and produced (or co-produced) to this day eight fiction short films shown in film festivals, screenings, TV, events, online platforms, etc, internationally. Skinhearts (2015) funded by the AFK (The Netherlands). Blame (2017). Touch crimes (2017) for Erika Lust Films. Tinder Taxi (2018) for Erika Lust Films. Unburied (2019) Commissioned by Creative Interruptions and the Runnymede Trust (UK). Another Sex Dimension (2019) for Erika Lust Films. Or it won't be (2019) episode of web series Indetectables for Apoyo Positivo (Spain). Blind(ed) Date (2020) for Erika Lust Films. At the moment, I'm writing my first feature film and a TV series project while consulting on a series in development for a major international streaming platform.
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