Salome Todria

Design thinker, Design, Architecture, Engineering and Design

About me

My name is Salome Todria, I am designer and engineer. This January I graduated From Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian Art Academy. Besides the two core study areas of design and engineering, i also studied the contemporary entrepreneurial world. The core of the course was formed around development projects run by multidisciplinary teams and industry partners. This master programme trained me to work in a wide scope of creative integrated development teams both as development professionals as well as managers. I am a product developer who is able to create, develop and bring to market innovative and technologically demanding products based on unseen possibilities in the market and unmet needs of the users. At the same time I am able to tie the technological possibilities with the market, compose technology/design/user-centred studies, and design new product solutions. I have work experience as an architect and designer. I look forward to working at your company.

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Work history


Architect Assistant, Designer, Office manager

Architectural Orchestra

Oct 2013 - Sep 2014
  • Georgia
  • Full Time
  • After some months as intern for this company I was hired as architect and designer. During this period I continued to collaborate and assist my work colleagues, but I could also develop the concept ideas autonomously. Furthermore I have been realising some projects of architectural, exterior, interior and furniture design



Masters design and engineering

Tallinn University of Technology

Sep 2014 - Jan 2017
  • Estonia
  • Master's Programme in Design and Engineering has been established by two Estonian leading Educational Centers of Excellence: Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian Academy of Arts, in order to meet current demands in cross-disciplinary professionals. The aim of the curriculum is to combine the basic competences of engineers and designers to develop the framework for a strong interdisciplinary cooperation. During two years of joint studies a firm base in design and engineering theories will be built and a whole set of professional skills of both disciplines will be developed. Besides the two core study areas of design and engineering students will get a firm understanding of contemporary entrepreneurial world. The core of the course is formed around development projects run in multidisciplinary teams and industry partners. The aim of the programme is following: to provide engineers with wider understanding of creative product development making them acquainted and aware of the role of design in it; to provide designers with deeper understanding of technology to give knowledge how to join technology innovation with design process. During this second year course I had the opportunity to carry out a 6 months Erasmus Studium that lasted until 01/06/2016 in Prague at Czech Technical University, faculty of architecture.



Tbilisi State Academy of Art

Sep 2009 - Jan 2013
  • Georgia
  • Architecture is the art of designing and building, and an architect is an artist who conducts practical activities, creates living environment, building projects, and supervises both the designing and construction works. To implement these activities it is necessary to have essential knowledge of not only main special subjects (architectural planning, city planning, landscape architecture, history of architecture, building constructions), but also of auxiliary subjects (mathematics, physics, mechanics, building and facing materials, descriptive geometry, drawing, painting, etc.). Architecture is a kind of creative activity that establishes environment in an artistic way, resolves issues of its functional zoning. It unifies in itself fields of engineering, science and visual arts. The aim of the Direction is to provide students with complex theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable them to meet requirements of modern architecture within their competence.