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Sam Russell Walker

Creative Producer / AgentLondon, United Kingdom
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Sam Russell Walker

Creative Producer / AgentLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Creative producer and Artist agent based in London - specialising across Illustration, Animation, Photography, 3D and CGI. Currently at Pocko.
  • Wired Magazine - Weaponising Storytelling - Léonie Després
    The wonderfully talented Pocko Illustrator, Léonie Després was recently invited to collaborate with Wired Magazine for their May/ June 2020 issue. Leonie created charming illustrations that explored the ideas of weaponising storytelling within politics. In particular, how politician’s and political campaigns covertly target people’s emotions in order to benefit their campaigns. Illustration - Léonie Després Art Direction - Mary Lees Creative Production / Artist Booking - Sam Walker (Myself)
  • Samsung Galaxy Wallpapers x Marco Oggian
    The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a unique punch-hole design for the front-camera which in the beginning of 2019 We Are Social invited the talented illustrator Marco Oggian to help celebrate it! Samsung wanted to collaborate with artists to create exclusive wallpapers that highlight this distinctive element whilst celebrating cultural events from around the world. Towards the later part of 2019 Samsung, also had Marco develop exclusive wallpapers for other handsets, such as the Samsung Note Series.
  • NHS x Babylon Health App
    Working alongside Livity agency and Babylon Health, visual artist The Playmetric (aka Colin Bigelow) welcomed an exciting project with NHS! NHS’s new online app services lets patients access health care advice even in the least accessible times; ideals for students or if you’re just needing advice in the middle of the night! Colin Bigelow AKA Playmetric worked on promotional material which will be advertised all around the UK. Colin's charming characters were seen across paid digital advertis
  • CHILLY’S - Unconventional Gifting - 2019 Christmas Campaign
    Photography duo Van Santen & Bolleurs, collaborated closely with Uncommon London to create wonderful sets and still life photographs for the CHILLY's "Unconventional Gifting" 2019 campaign! This festive collaboration saw the dutch couple duo help spread the message of gifting responsibly. Chilly’s bottles are well renowned as being the best reusable water bottle on the market, and with a huge surge in demand due to the anti-plastic revolution, we are happy and proud to welcome their first Ch
  • Facebook GROW - GenZ set to Overtake GenX and The Baby Boomers
    Illustration by Linn Fritz for @facebook project #growbyfacebook, an article about Gen Z and how they’re set to overtake Gen X and the Baby Boomers Illustration - Linn Fritz Production - Sam Walker (Myself)
  • MTV Artist Ident - Linn Fritz - "Mystery"
    Direction, Design & Animation - Linn Fritz Music and Sound Design - Sono Sanctus Creative Production & Artist Booking - Sam Walker (myself)
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Work history
    Managing Agent & ProducerPOCKO
    London, United KingdomFull Time
  • Illustration
  • Creative Production
  • Creative Producing
  • Shoot Production
  • Talent Management
  • Artist Booking
  • Creative Direction
  • Portfolio Management
  • Scheduling
  • Budget Management
    BA (Hons) Communication DesignThe Glasgow School of Art
     - Glasgow, United Kingdom