Sanaa Masud


  • LocationUnited Kingdom



  • Creative
  • Excellent Communicator Written and Verbal
  • Kind Nature
  • Interpersonal

Work history



Osborne CO

May 2012
  • Assisting solicitors by note taking in court and adjourned briefings with all parties, liaising with clients throughout the day in an environment requiring much ‘tact, judgement and discretion’ by remaining both professional and personable. Also upholding an organised administrative role in copying and filing to prepare paperwork ready for court, ensuring that all evidence is up to date for case files and then afterwards, writing up summaries of events for official records.


Sales Assistant


Nov 2013 - Feb 2015
  • Daily duties involved welcoming and advising customers by having sound product knowledge of new entertainment releases, escorting a customer right to the product they are in search of by using the computerised system to check if and how many are in stock, with the ability to order something in for them. As well as maintaining the shop floor by organising and replenishing stock, each shift included till handling responsibilities such as: processing cash and card payments, promoting new offers, dealing with refund policies and handling faulty items. Recognised for my good customer care skills and having been the top up-seller of promotions in my team, i was asked to stay beyond the seasonal contract, nominated by my supervisors and supported by my fellow temps team.



Tiger Aspect Drama

Apr 2014 - Apr 2014
  • I was able to support the crew in busy times on filming days and night shoots, assisting each department with their varied task loads, showing my flexible approach and ability to adapt to their changing priorities. As well as working on location, I also serviced the production office in organising call sheets, filing important documents, amendments, handling cash and assisting in producing a photo album for a cast members last day on set. In preparation for the shoot, I assisted with organising the costumes, dressing cast, collecting props, dressing sets with the art department and assisting hair and makeup, all of which a keen eye for detail was most useful when checking for continuity. Being able to shadow and interview every department on their profession, carrying equipment and packing and loading vans as a team, I was able to learn quickly on the job, gain knowledge of shooting and remain enthusiastic about every detail it takes on a production. I learnt that a lot of the seemingly technical aspects were actually in their own way creative roles too but felt with the art department, I was able to contribute the most and be given greater responsibilities. From spending time on set, I was able to be proactive and look after talent and crew by picking up on their requirements, helping them wherever I could and also providing refreshments as the script supervisor would say, 'in perfect time.'


Event Assistant Theatre Team Volunteer

Sundance Film Festival

Mar 2012 - Mar 2014
  • For one week every April in the past three years, I have been enthusiastic and dedicated to volunteer and support Sundance Film Festival and its great talent. I have worked on the events, assisting with q&a sessions whilst liaising with panel members, press and filmmakers throughout screenings across London's O2 arena. I was given the opportunity to organise and distribute goody bags for MGM, assist with lighting and sound management in the screens but also, providing information regarding films and course of events whilst answering queries efficiently and directing groups to their screens and seats with a smile. During Sundance film festival 2013, my strengths were recognised by the volunteers co-ordinator and I began to manage ticket handling and waiting list queues for each film, ensuring that every seat possible could be filled by successfully communicating with colleagues in each screen and ticket office, which required great organisational and problem solving skills in a busy (but buzzing!) environment. I was approached and acknowledged by both patrons and even press for positive communication to our team and audience. Volunteering at Sundance feels like an almost global gathering collective of people who appreciate the industry and just want to share that enthusiasm with others. I know that whenever I am part of it, I am able to deliver efficient, friendly and knowledgeable service.


Art Department Assistant

Twenty Twenty

Mar 2013 - Mar 2013
  • Displayed ability to take direction and to work creatively and enthusiastically as part of a team under time constraints for production of Benefits Britain 1949 whilst possessing a strong visual sensibility and awareness for when to take initiative.


Marketing, Box Office Intern and Then Given Temprary Marketing

Spitafields Music

Sep 2012 - Mar 2013
  • Having primary responsibility for taking box office calls during priority booking right through to general sale, duties encompassed: successfully increasing the number of memberships, donations and gift aid, setting up direct debits, processing tickets, posting them accordingly whilst monitoring reservations, sales and returns. I was successful in upselling through telephone, in person and even through written email and postal sales, using the Spektrix box office system to add cross selling information and supporting membership administration by ensuring that complimentary tickets were allocated to staff council members, press and sponsors. I was involved in all stages of the planning of the two annual winter and summer music festivals and assisting the learning and events programme throughout the year. Marketing responsibilities included researching and writing up content for website, newsletters to members and updating all social media networks. I assisted on photo shoots for publicity material and felt comfortable liaising with artists, researching their career history and upcoming events. With this information I would organise a timetable of when to publicise these and even send a good luck tweet their way. I created venue packs for artists and the public, with clear and concise details as well as designing each events programme booklet and material for use at events. I was able to co-ordinate deliveries and book couriers for our winter festival brochures and accurately maintained our marketing database. Assisting on the evening events and learning events in the community during the day were always rewarding to see our efforts come to fruition.


Front of House

Nottingham Playhouse

Nov 2012 - Feb 2013
  • Responsibilities involved actively welcoming patrons to Nottingham Playhouse theatre shows by providing relevant information, answering queries efficiently and directing them to their seats as necessary, whilst ensuring their safety and well-being. I was the main assistant for the kids on stage segment and made sure seating plans coincided with each shows ticket sales including, removal of seats for wheelchair users. Selling programme books and seeing that merchandise is kept presentable at all times as well as stock control were also well maintained tasks.