Sandhya Gulsin

Digital Marketing Manager

Mid Level
London, United Kingdom
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  • Digital Marketing Manager


  • Client Accounts



BSc Architectural Interdisciplinary Studies

University College London

Sep 2014
  • London, United Kingdom
  • After studying an opinion enforced degree, framed by architectural interest my approach to any challenge is vocal, adaptable and most importantly open-minded to learn and change my initial perspective. My knowledge and interest for the digitally enhanced world are well-developed. I use my creative strengths beyond the passive digital platforms, turning ideas into realities which are my biggest drive within any field of work. I am a very mouldable character but also enforce well-constructed opinions and prospects when necessary. I have a keen eye for detail and focus on the task at hand embracing the rules enforced and the tools given without any influences jeopardising the outcome. My adaptable nature allows me to work in any environment as I create the atmosphere I desire through empowering others to a similar mindset.