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Saurabh Khanna

London, United Kingdom
Projects credited in
  • E Commerce LANCÔME
  • BT TVThe brief was to redesign the BT TV sales journey by refreshing its designs and copy. We adopted a test-based approach, with extensive workshops and user-testing to determine and validate our developmental direction.
  • BT Sport Upsell Emails
  • BT ChristmasThe brief was to create a stand-out visual treatment for Christmas that did not detract from the sales emphasis across the user journey. The result was a vibrant look and feel that was implemented efficiently across the entire site.
  • British GasDigital Product Design | 2018 Earlier in 2018, the biggest energy supplier of UK British Gas initiated a massive digital transformation by bringing multiple agencies on board. The strategy involved working on various deliverables, from a global rebrand to a website redesign — as well as a brand new mobile app for their customers. As part of this mobile project, we got involved in Publicis Sapient teams on building the British Gas app. We worked closely on some of the key features of the Britis
  • Allergen AlertAllergen Alert is a spoon for infants that tests for common allergens within foods. Food allergies within children have risen 50% in the last 20 years, effecting 1 in every 13 children. That's 2 in every classroom. The majority of reactions are triggered outside of the home. Making parents increasingly worried about what goes into their infants food. For many people trying new foods is great but for those with potentially fatal food allergies it can be a dance with death.  Allergen Alert makes eating worry free.
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