Sesilla Perkone

Sesilla Perkone

PhotographerHounslow, United Kingdom
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Sesilla Perkone

Sesilla Perkone

PhotographerHounslow, United Kingdom
About me
My name is Sesilla and I am a freelance photographer and videgorapher based in London, England. I am passionate about fine art photography; portraits, views etc. Also beginning to enjoy the fashion side of photography. I started taking interest in photography a couple years ago when I moved to England, in 2010. I’m originally from Latvia. Throughout the first year of studying Photography I learnt a broad range of skills; from using Film Cameras to the well known Digital Camera. From finding many locations suitable for certain shoots to slowly mastering the Studio settings. I have captured many events like Fashions Shows, Trips to my Country, Talent shows, Community events and more. As my photography career grows I hope to expand to other countries and many more events around the world, maybe even work with individuals that have made it big out there. I am very passionate about what I do and I hope to travel the world and capture my journey doing so. Thank you for visiting my profile and I hope you enjoy it.
  • Looking for Models & Photographers
    Looking for Models & PhotographersWe're looking for a few more Models and Photographers for a Fashion Show on the 20th May Model: email to find out more Photographer: inbox me or email for more info
  • CMA 14th Park Lime
    CMA 14th Park LimeI was invited to shoot for Tippa Audio System, which were the DJ's for the event. As well as taking photos of the sound booth I was also walking around and just capturing the even as a whole. Capturing the community and the culture
  • Architecture
    Architecture"Something about the office buildings in Canary Wharf just make me feel like I'm in a different city. It doesn't feel like reality with these sky scrapers left and right. Preventing the natural light to shine on the streets of London" - Sese TV
  • One Love In Many Ways - Solomon
    One Love In Many Ways - Solomon“One Love In Many Ways” represents the love and passion that each dancer has for their genre of dance. Solomon started off as a krumper but is now moving into his own genre of dance which he has called ‘Floetry’. However in this video you can see some krump moves alongside popping and locking. Krump is an acronym for Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise. It is a dance form that was pioneered by Tight Eyez aka Ceasare Willis and Lil C. It is an aggressive, and spiritual form of dance with Ch
  • Creative Filter Photography
    Creative Filter PhotographyI have never used nor have been interested in using the creative filter setting on my camera. However my friend who is also a photographer loves to use that setting for his photos. In this shoot I tried to attempt taking photos with the filter. I will just add, it wasn't as bad as I thought. I would only recommend using the filter once you 100% know what it is you'd like to shoot as once you've taken a photo with it on there is no going back. Yes this shoot was fun but I still prefer my Manual
  • Frozen Contemporary
    Frozen ContemporaryI present a studio photoshoot I did with my friend who is a contemporary dancer. This photoshoot goes back to me playing and seeing different ways that I can use the studio. Different themes and atmospheres I can create with the different shoots. This was one of my favourites because of the prop we used. Originally it was meant to be a shoot where she danced and I captured some contemporary dance moves. In the photography cupboard we found a purple see through scarf and we thought let's try us
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  • Looking for Models & Photographers
    Looking for Models & PhotographersWe're looking for a few more Models and Photographers for a Fashion Show on the 20th May Model: email to find out more Photographer: inbox me or email for more info
Work history
    FounderSESE TV
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    SESE TV is my brand/company under which I do all my freelance based work. Some of my duties and skill include: capturing and editing content, proficiency in video editing for broadcast and web based solutions. Successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously. Ability to work extended hours when necessary. One of the most important things being able to build and keep long lasting relationships with clients through working together and after the project. - I am self-driven and able to communicate creative ideas and collaborate in a team environment. - Proficient in Sony Vega and all Adobe packages. - Experience in conventional video and DSLR video cameras. - Superior technical skills, first rate computer and videography equipment knowledge and handiness with tools.
    PhotographerGreen School for Boys
     - Isleworth, United KingdomFreelance
    Whilst studying at West Thames College. My course was given the opportunity to take photos for a new school opening in the area which was Green School for Boys. My class was split up in teams to cover different aspects of the shoot. I had to be confident and have a positive attitude in capturing images for the school. Keeping a professional manner around teachers and project leaders.
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  • Photojournalism
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  • Fashion Photographer
  • Creative Concepts
    Distinction diploma PhotographyWest Thames College
     - Isleworth, United Kingdom
    UAL L3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design (QFC)