Shahed Atieh

Ideation Catalyst & Instructional Designer

Amman, Jordan
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About me

A leader in generating and catalyzing the creative process in which ideas as possibilities expand and unfold into products and services that broaden the reach and impact of the work. Shahed is known for jumping from start-up to start-up, helping expand on what’s possible to fulfill the start-ups’ unrecognized potential as she fulfills her own. When she is not lost in some details behind her laptop or looking for the next little thing that’s going to become the next big thing, you can find her scrolling through memes laughing her ass off, watching her favorite YouTubers, daydreaming her Spotify playlist, or building houses on Sims only to kill the Sim in the swimming pool because she forgot to add a ladder! “DAG DAG”.


  • Ideation
  • Creative Development
  • People Focused

Companies I’ve worked with

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    • Jameyla Kiswani Maroules, LLC.

      Jameyla Kiswani Maroules, LLC.

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      Think Unlimited

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        Work history


        Ideation Catalyst & Instructional (Learning) Design


        Jan 2019
        • Amman, Jordan
        • Freelance


        Online Course Manager


        Feb 2016 - Feb 2019
        • Jordan
        • Full Time
        • Edraak is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform that offers free Arabic educational content. During my time at Edraak, I built out and developed: Edraak’s Learning Design Program* that sets Edraak as not only a technology and MOOCs provider but also as a leader in learning and education for Arabic speakers in the world. Unprecedented online courses* that successfully bridged the gap between dynamic interactive classroom experiences and isolated, fully formatted, and structured online experiences. "Edraak Academy" an internal capacity-building unit designed to support the organization in transforming cross-departmental challenges into learning opportunities around learning and teaching pedagogies. The Edraak Ambassadors Program from conception to reality to better connect Edraak with university-level learners on the ground. The Ambassadors Program held over 20 events in its first two years and had 50 ambassadors leading over 10,000 student members across its communities in Jordan. *Learning Design Workshops included: Learning Design for HigherEd delivered at the University of Jordan and Jordan University of Science and Technology, Blended Learning delivered at the Edraak Regional Conference, and Open Educational Resources delivered at the University of Jordan’s 4th International Conference of E-Publishing. *Online courses included: Online Freelance Work in collaboration with, Paper Art in collaboration with Waragami, Marketing for Startups, Blended Learning in collaboration with the University of British Columbia, and Intro to Overcoming Learning Difficulties in collaboration with SKILD Center.


        Creativity & Innovation Program Accelerator

        Think Unlimited

        Feb 2014 - Sep 2015
        • Jordan
        • Full Time
        • At TU, my experience has seen me put forth a grand set of skills that can be best described as the liaison agent of the organization; from active community building to logistics and networking, to content creation and facilitation whilst doing impact tracking, documentation, and iteration. I was almost single-handedly in charge of aligning the needs of the facilitative team and staff with the projected progress of the organization, and also in coordinating between leadership requirements and the socio-cultural environment of the country. Further, I often took charge of organizing events to encourage innovative spirits and creativity within my fellow colleagues, endowing me with the title “every day a new hat” 
 Key responsibilities 
 Creativity & Innovation Coordination 1. Participated in workshop development and implementation in order to fuse cohesion between fellow facilitators and leadership team 2. Supported Executive Director in overseeing the creation of the curriculum and all related worksheets and workbooks 3. Managed program logistics by creating internal systems and budgets while ensuring the quality of outsourced services 4. Supported the Program Director in monitoring facilitators and curriculum content  5. Managed the recruiting and enrolling of students 6. Figured out IT, grading, and compliance requirements for each university and ensured meeting requirements and deadlines Expanding TU’s Impact Tracking Systems
 1. Generated alternative methods and suggestions in order to increase impact and align values 2. Worked with Executive Director to improve behavioral measures, implemented, improved, and managed data collection 3. Collected and archived student and facilitator stories, photos, videos, etc 
 Development of a TU Chapter Network 1. Built chapters on Jordanian campuses to create innovation ecosystems 2. Increased TU visibility and presence in Jordan and abroad through fortifying current networks and reaching out to new potential supporters


        Co-Founder of Incitement Jordan


        Feb 2013 - Apr 2015
        • Jordan
        • Full Time
        • Incitement is a widespread global movement originating from Kuala Lumpur and can only be described as an innovative evolution. With the 3 main pillars of Fun, Contribution and Growth, Incitement can be credited for bringing many new ideas to the world by organizing public events that can be best described as “TEDx meets the streets”. Incitement is active in Jordan, Palestine, and UAE and has been responsible for hundreds of successful public events as it continues to spread knowledge, innovation, and growth within the region.  
 Key responsibilities Mission and Vision Alignment 1. Co-founded Incitement Jordan and managed MENA branches, under little to no supervision while maintaining and cultivating the global mission and vision of the Incitement movement alongside accommodating to diverse socio-cultural needs 2. Helped define Incitement’s role within local communities, developed and executed CTAs that are aligned with Incitement’s value add as a movement 
 Strategizing and Accelerating 1. Strategized about online marketing and advocacy on how to grow the movement within the community 2. Used creative, innovative and entrepreneurial skills in promoting the Incitement model and supporting Inciters to accelerate their growth on personal and professional levels 3. Collaborated with the HQ team on growing and implementing sustainable models for an integrated and synergized globally incited community 
 After two and a half amazing years of stepping into the unknown as co-founder of Incitement Jordan, I found out I'm bored. Kidding! My job was simply done. Wondering why? Trailblazing. I find purpose and joy in igniting and starting the work and transitioning it to a place of stability where the work can continue without my extended contribution as an individual. Today, Incitement Jordan is a leading social movement, well-known and celebrated by active citizens in the field and has a unique impact in areas like active citizenship, social inclusion and public speaking.


        Operations and Events Coordinator


        Feb 2010 - Jun 2013
        • Jordan
        • Full Time
        • My time spent at Megastores included a stark and quick ability to develop core skills and competencies. These have been essential in guiding my professional conduct by enabling effective communication, organizational skills, and multi-tasking under pressure.  
 Key responsibilities 
 Operations Support 1. Worked in close contact with general managers in coordinating, implementing and maintaining necessary support systems 
 Communications 1. Acted as the main reference point of contact for individuals and corporate stakeholders 2. Raised Megastores online profile through social media platforms, research, and implementation of market strategies 
 Social Enterprise 1. Sponsored consultancy work with different schools and organizations advocating for the General Managers corporate policies  
 Events 1. Organized events and produced tangible deliverables regarding logistics, promotions, booking systems, and evaluation 2. Built upon corporate capacity through attending external conferences, fairs, and liaising between relevant events and potential stakeholders