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Sylvia Tzvetanova Yung

Head of Department 3DLondon, United Kingdom
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Sylvia Tzvetanova Yung

Head of Department 3DLondon, United Kingdom
Projects credited in
  • The Clothes Chair
    Working in collaboration with The Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation, the Clothes Chair caters to a common habit. ​ We all have that bedroom chair that is rarely sat on, and ends up dressed in clothes. The clothes chair has an exaggerated back to allow the storage of clothes without hindering its function as a seat. ​ It is inspired by the creativity of Robin and Lucienne Day, who used everyday objects to build furniture in their flat. Some of the most inventive designs come from the user, taking
  • The residue of a flare ignited upon a boundary
    This exhibition occurred with the historic event of an EU membership referendum in the UK, with a vote to leave. Students from ten different countries could not ignore this event in their final exhibition. So in the aftermath, and in a new landscape of volatile reactions and political unrest, they made DaDa poems, mixing words evoking: borders, cities, homes, work, education, travelling, splitting, sharing and belonging. Titles in- cluding: ‘Border Beach’, ‘Jukebox Skyscraper’ and ‘Ever Island’,
  • Talking Plant
    Moisture levels inside the soil silently trigger words to appear on the laptop like online messages. If your plant could talk to you, what would it say? A potted plant is entirely dependent on its human caretaker. It would say whatever it takes to ensure you care for it, even manipulating you if necessary. Your plant would probably be rather flirtatious too - a plant's primary goal is to reproduce. Viewers are hesitant to interact with installations (especially one that's telling you to chuck
  • Re-considering Canon
    One-year curating training programme in partnership with the Design Museum and cooperation with Gallery Fumi to presents an exhibition, Re-Considering Canon, during London Design Week. Link:
  • OCTAD: a sleep/ wake system for better quality of sleep
    The Proposal "Less is more" has increased in most of our lives from electricals to interior design, to the way we travel, to how we het our homes. We have been programmed to want more of these simple pleaseures, yet at what cost? How do overly simplified environments affect our lives and when does it strike the right balance?
  • OCTAD App
    The Proposal: Design an app interface to compliment the sleep product Octad - The User needs to be able to control the product from thier phone and track their progress.
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