Szabó Gergely Zoltán

Designer // Producer

Nagykovácsi, Hungary
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  • Designer // Producer
  • Designer // Producer
  • Designer // Producer
  • Designer // Producer
  • Designer // Producer
  • Designer // Producer
  • Designer // Producer

About me

I’m a veteran with more than fifteen years of experience in the creative field (game development, feature films, advertising, etc.). Starting from the bottom I had the opportunity to get in touch with a wide variety of working methods and creative people. I had my share in living the highs and lows at big companies and small agencies also, and as time passed I realised that the true thrill for me is in organizing and managing projects. Client communication, coaching, as well as scrams are all part of the flow for me.

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  • Motion Design
  • Animation Production
  • Creative Producing
  • 3D Animation
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Microsoft Project
  • Project Management
  • 2d/3d Animation
  • Motion Capture

Companies I’ve worked with

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    Work history


    Creative Producer, Designer


    Apr 2012
    • Nagykovácsi, Hungary
    • Freelance
    • As a result of the last five years of work, I was able to satisfy customers such as Burger King, Nissan, Suzuki, Nespresso, etc. There are 100+ Hungarian creative professionall in my expanding network, more than £100.000, delivered material, which is expanding every day.


    Project Manager

    Ruben Brandt Productions

    Apr 2016 - Feb 2017
    • Budapest, Hungary
    • Full Time
    • Started as a compositing department audit, resulted an overall pipeline and organisational restructure. Thanks to the reorganized and optimized production methodology built on the Shotgun production interface, the 2017 deadline, which was considered untenable, became reality.


    Compositor Lead

    SERU Film Productions

    Aug 2015 - May 2015
    • Budapest, Hungary
    • Freelance
    • After a full management change, the German SERU Film Produktion asked me to help them deliver the film in time, which has already delayed schedule. We optimized the precomp process, produced and delivered, the Kleine Rabesocke 2 full-length animation film in collaboration with the MILL VFX studio.


    Creative Producer

    Econtent Solution

    May 2012 - Mar 2015
    • Budapest, Hungary
    • Freelance
    • We directed 4 TVC spots in close collaboration with the originaly print and web focused studio. Produced 13 commercials and short films also, so such companies have become the company recurring customers like, Burher King, GSK or Omega Pharma.


    Motion Graphic Designer

    Dogfish Studio

    May 2011 - Sep 2012
    • Budapest, Hungary
    • Full Time
    • We've delivered content to almost all major Hungarian channels: ID-s, virtual studios, animations. Agile management, impossible deadlines and pressure every day. It was fun!



    Postgraduate Diploma Character Animation

    Pannonia Film Studio

    Sep 2002 - May 2003
    • Budapest, Hungary