Tali Matute

Tali Matute

Visual DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Tali Matute

Tali Matute

Visual DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hiya, I’m Tali A visual designer & illustrator from Manila based in London I’m looking for new opportunities in the UX design space. Reach out if you want to chat or work together!
  • Marta and Tali's Secret Recipes
    Marta and Tali's Secret RecipesMy lino printed-illustrated cookbook was inspired by childhood memories of baking with my mom, who used to own a very popular bakery & cake company in the Philippines. In 2014, we sold the company, along with the recipes, to fund our move to the UK (thus the title- 'Secret Recipes'). All the illustrations were lino printed, then digitally edited to fit each context; to see the full book visit my website https://talimatute.wixsite.com/visuals/secret-recipes-cookbook
  • Lotusfeet Recyclable Packaging
    Lotusfeet Recyclable PackagingI have taken the opportunity to create a range of recyclable packaging designs for a trade jewellery company called Lotusfeet, that specialises in Filipino artisan products. As the world is becoming more conscious of climate change and waste, this project aims to create something more sustainable and recyclable so that the people that receive the orders can reuse or recycle the packaging the jewellery comes in. Environmentally friendly packaging can go a long way with other companies and custome
  • Hindu Playing Cards
    Hindu Playing CardsFor this redesign project I've used Hindu deities instead of European monarchs for a pack of playing cards. I was inspired by my recent travels to share knowledge on the amazing gods/goddess of Hinduism. I have started by creating designs for the Ace, King, Queen, and Jack of Diamonds and am planning develop the pack along the process. I have created a back design that features popular Indian patterns as well (such as the mandala and paisley).
  • Shelltimentals
    ShelltimentalsThis documentary project is called Shelltimental, a play on the words ‘shells’ and ‘sentimental’. Sea- shells have always been an object that instantly reminds me of where I grew up. My environment was warm and by the seaside, and seashells have been something I had been collecting from a young age until the point I moved away. This project aims to present the beauty in different seashells but also the personal meanings and memories they hold.
  • The Woman With a Fork and Knife Disorder Book Cover
    The Woman With a Fork and Knife Disorder Book CoverBook cover design; illustrations made through lino printing.
  • Canopy Market Badges
    Canopy Market BadgesCreated a range of fun and quirky badges to sell at Kings Cross Canopy Market.
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Projects credited in
  • University of Westminster, Illustration & Visual Communication BA (Hons)
    University of Westminster, Illustration & Visual Communication BA (Hons)Our course offers a flexible, multimedia approach to the study and practice of contemporary illustration and visual communication arts. The ethos of the course is to nurture individual creativity, through a programme that encourages an open and speculative approach, through visual inquiry and diagnostic experimentation across a wide range of image media practices and contexts. Opportunities to participate in internships, work experience and industry led initiatives prepare students to ente
  • House of Illustration Winter Fair
    House of Illustration Winter FairPublicity illustrations for the House of Illustration annual Winter Fair
Work history
    House of Illustration logo
    House of Illustration logo
    Events TeamHouse of Illustration
    London, United KingdomPart Time
    Hands-on work experience with gallery invigilation, curation, and retail. Presently, working with the HOI events team on private hires and other creative events.
    London, United KingdomInternship
    Work experience with a trade jewellery company that supports Philippine artisan crafts.
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  • Printmaking
  • Branding Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Publication Design
  • Print Campaigns
  • Art Department
  • Lino Printing
  • Gallery Invigilation
  • Creative Events
  • Art Direction
    University of Westminster logo
    University of Westminster logo
    BA Illustration and Visual CommunicationUniversity of Westminster
    London, United Kingdom