Tara Nolty

Author, Illustrator, Early Years Art Teacher




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Work history



CA Technologies

Dec 1997
  • For the past 19 years, I have worked for CA Technologies at both teaching and management levels in Islandia,NY, Herndon,VA and Datchet,UK. I am currently in the role of Administrative Coordinator at CA Technologies Montessori Children's Centre in Datchet. My role focuses predominantly on parent education, teacher training and ensuring quality in curriculum and care. I also hold the role of School Art Coordinator.




Oxford Brookes University

Aug 2005 - Dec 2008
  • The skills obtained through my MA research into Childhood Spirituality are an aspect that I feel are of great benefit. Through my research I explored how the role of spirituality (mindfulness) within British education has evolved significantly and its attributes can be affiliated to not only personal development but also social. It is for this reason that I find spirituality to be fundamental to human learning. It is my belief, that in order to effectively facilitate education one must experience it, in all its complexity, as shared and collective. It is from this point of view that I feel one can then truly understand its significance in the development of social relations that not only guide children, but learning institutions towards more critical, reflective and reflexive learning possibilities. I believe that the best way to teach is to never stop learning. To impart good practice in and passion for learning one must lead by example.


Birth to Infancy

Association of Montessori International

Jan 1998 - Apr 2000
  • I am a strong advocate for lifelong learning and professional development. I have thoroughly enjoyed my years in education and would relish an opportunity to continue to support learners in accessing and appreciating literacy and the arts. My many years working with children have taught me to treat each day, not as though it were my last, but my first! The children that I teach remind me to savour the joys in first experiences, that learning is a lifelong journey, and to be flexible in my approach, as all of the planning in the world cannot hold a torch to spontaneous lessons. Those wonderful moments of child lead spontaneity that I believe often to be the key to facilitating sound learning and participation.


Psychology and Studio Art

Roger Williams University

Aug 1993 - Apr 1997
  • My first degree was a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Studio Art. Extremely competent in all of the areas of my education and professional background, art above all is an aspect I feel strongest in my desire to focus on and desperatey wish to return to at this point in my career. As an educator, artist and children’s author, art has alwasy been at the forefront of all my intereactions. My purpose has been one of collaborator, in which I assist and facilitate for experiences that afford children collective or individual learning journeys (depending on their needs), to identify interests and newfound skills discovered through literary works and art media that aid in the development of and proficiency in reading comprehension, self-expression, imagination, reflection, adaptation, perception and emotional intelligence; skills that I am confident, if nurtured, will resonate and positively contribute to future learning experiences as these young people establish place and purpose within greater society.