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he April to December figures for England mark the three-quarter point of the 2015-16 financial year. The deficit is already nearly triple what it was for the whole of the 2014-15 - and means the NHS is on track for one of its largest ever overspends. The figures cover 240 trusts running hospital, mental health, ambulance and some community services. Between them they account for about two-thirds of the NHS's £116bn budget with the rest spent on other areas including GPs, drug prescribing and training. The biggest problems are being seen in the hospital sector. Of the 138 hospital trusts, 132 are now in deficit, the figures from the two NHS regulators, Monitor and the Trust Development Authorit,y show. The situation raises the prospect of the Department of Health failing to balance the overall books, which would be a huge embarrassment given the extra money the NHS is getting.


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