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Yann Mathias

Founder / CEOLondon, United Kingdom
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Yann Mathias

Founder / CEOLondon, United Kingdom
About me
For the last fifteen years I have developed the vision, direction and company culture of Central Saint Martins' in-house design team, The Design Laboratory. Our focus is on helping companies create truly great brands, products and services through design. Among other things, I bring extensive experience in creative direction and business development and strategy while overseeing Design Laboratory’s growth, driving its expansion and retaining creative values. We have benefitted business leaders from companies such as UM, LVMH, the Fat Duck, Luxotica, Intel, Bacardi, Method and many more.
  • TEN 12 ManagementTEN 12 Management is a boutique artist management company based in London. With an undeniable passion for music, they are bringing a new approach to artist management, with a complete focus on protecting and nurturing their artists at all costs. They believe that their hands off approach to the creative process, whilst still having a passion driven opinion, creates a level of trust between artist and manager, like none other. TEN 12 Management commissioned The Design Laboratory to create and d
  • the anti-climax of #foodpornFood is a very serious issue these days… if we take it seriously. In some parts of the world, food scarcity has condemned entire populations to poverty and malnutrition is keeping infant mortality rates scarily high. Climate change will increasingly impact on costal areas such as Bengal, with sea levels rising and salt-water intrusion affecting agriculture and forcing millions to migrate. In more familiar parts of the world, we are getting fatter and fatter; food waste is no longer a scandal and we are enjoying a food culture that has taken centre stage in invading every aspect of social life... Read the full article here
Work history
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    The Design Laboratory is home to the freshest graduate talent from Central Saint Martins College, employed under the direction of experienced, leading designers working in communication, fashion, product, spatial design and trends. We have unique access to emerging talents and leading practitioners in art and design from across the world. Applying a user centric methodology to design, we deliver unique creative solutions to clients who require a fresh and holistic commercial outcome. In a nutshell: the Design Laboratory creates brands, products and services that resonate with today’s audience.
  • Fashion
  • Design
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  • Brand Activation
  • Creative Direction
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Client Management
  • Business Development
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