Yero Timi-Biu

Yero Timi-Biu

Writer-Director, ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
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Yero Timi-Biu

Yero Timi-Biu

Writer-Director, ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Yero Timi-Biu is a London-based award-winning writer-director for TV, film and theatre. She specialises in comedy-dramas. Aside from fiction, Yero has been working in the media industry since she was sixteen; from journalism, script editing prime-time TV shows, audio production for documentaries and international radio stations, to press relations and communications. After studying screenwriting in New York, with an appetite to further explore story, Yero was selected as a participant for Soho Theatre’s yearlong Young Company playwright residency, graduating in 2016. In 2018, she won the BFI Future Film Festival New Talent award for her ICA London/Channel 4’s Random Acts commissioned short comedy-drama, Beneath the Surface, where she was writer, co-director and producer. She was then commissioned again by Channel 4’s Random Acts/Little Dots Studios to write the short film Two Minutes in collaboration with illustrator Adebanji Alade. Both films were broadcast online and on TV. She is currently developing her next film Signs with BFI, which she will shoot at the end of the year. Alongside creating her own content, she works full-time on the development team at BBC Films.
    ON YOUR BIKEON YOUR BIKE Directed and Produced by Yero Timi-Biu and Shanice Martin. On Your Bike is a photo-based project produced and curated by Shanice Martin and Yero Timi-Biu. Stemming from an interest in exploring varying subcultures and a fear of cycling on London roads, the audio slideshow focuses on the everyday lives of women who cycle for pleasure, health, ease of commuting and even as a sporting hobby. Both Yero and Shanice wanted to document and promote an underrepresented cycling culture among
  • Top 20 Rising Female Filmmakers By Levile Tv
    Top 20 Rising Female Filmmakers By Levile TvYero Timi-Biu – Yero Timi-Biu is an East-London based award-winning TV, theatre and film comedy and drama writer-director and producer. She has written and produced two films for Channel 4’s Random Acts, ‘Beneath the Surface’, and ‘Two Minutes’. Alongside making her own content, Yero works on the commissioning team at BBC Films and has various long and short-form projects in development. Find out more here
  • Two Minutes - Adebanji Alade and Yero Timi-Biu
    Two Minutes - Adebanji Alade and Yero Timi-BiuWhen artist Adebanji Alade returned to the UK from Nigeria in 1999, he decided to draw a picture of a fellow traveller every time he boarded public transport. Writer Yero Timi-Biu used the drawings as a jumping off point for a spoken word piece on the way that public transport both brings together and pushes apart people from every different kind of background as we travel together, apart, usually in silence, observing each other without appearing to look as if that’s what we’re doing. The wo
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Projects credited in
  • gal-dem: bbz, the duo repping queer women of colour
    gal-dem: bbz, the duo repping queer women of colourBy Yero Timi-Biu, 4th May 2016 Yero is still on so much of a high after last month’s art exhibition and dance, BBZ at Buster Mantis, she decided to interview both founders about why they wanted to create a space celebrating women of colour of all spectrums. “BBZ is the kind of night where you can expect to experience art, good conversation and hear those tunes you always wish got played in the rave instead of your bedroom. The kind of night lead by cis, trans, queer AND/OR genderqueer/non-binary
  • Championing Diversity: This Black History Month 2018, meet 100 creatives inspiring change
    Championing Diversity: This Black History Month 2018, meet 100 creatives inspiring changeThis Black History Month 2018, we’ve brought together a group of outstanding industry heroes to each nominate 10 black changemakers and creators that are shaping culture, arts, design, business, tech and beyond. We still have a way to go when it comes to conquering the lack of diversity in the creative industry - which is why it so important for us, as a platform, to use our force for good. To do so, throughout the year we spotlight incredible people, the projects that they are involved with
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    BFI Patrons' New Talent AwardBFI
    Ideastap 16-22 Innovators AwardIdeastap
    Won funding and support to direct and produce an audio-photo documentary, On Your Bike.