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Youstina Makari

DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Youstina Makari

DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Youstina is a first-generation Egyptian Australian designer. Her juxtaposing cultural upbringing has allowed her a unique design perspective. Youstina seeks innovation. She sees the benefit of research and understands that as a designer, one cannot offer valued new ideas without an understanding of what has already been. Youstina has become successful in creating a signature style, a bold fusion of colour, print, and texture. This paired with her natural ability to think conceptually allows her to retain meaning in her designs. She aims to work alongside designers who challenge conventional views of fashion, inspire, break rules, and, always maintain an ethical/sustainable approach in their processes.
  • Pattern Cutting
  • Sample Cutting
  • Print Design
  • Garment Construction
  • Colour Theory
  • Technical Specification
  • Pattern Draping
  • Design Development
  • Pre Production
  • Womenswear
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