Zhiyun Tseng

Zhiyun Tseng

Creative Director, Graphic Designer & Multimedia ArtistTaiwan
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Zhiyun Tseng

Zhiyun Tseng

Creative Director, Graphic Designer & Multimedia ArtistTaiwan
About me
https://foundation.app/@zhiyuntseng https://www.instagram.com/zhiyuntseng/ https://zhiyuntseng.com I am an art director, visual designer and animator based in Taiwan, mainly work in the mixmedia and the medium of collage. "Collage is closely related to the era; the medium is time, time becomes space; I am the container of space, the montage of time." The fragments of the collage are like a torrent of chaos in my brain. Take it off by hand and stick it on a different surface. The joy of this action has never changed. Cut it, paste it, tear it off, and paste it again. Collage for me, is about the process of changing the location in order to find the right position for Self.
  • Takazawa - Niji Sanpo
    Takazawa - Niji SanpoThe album art design for the Takazawa album, "Niji Sanpo" cassette kit. I created a psychedelic world about the rainbow, and extended the cover art to make a richer world view to present the inner page design, just like the abundant world inside the album. Design: Album art, Label, Brochure Format: 1 × cassette, Album 2021
  • Fetishism
    FetishismThe object of becoming a fetishism does not depend on the object's characteristics but relies on the amount of energy of the subject's projection. Likewise, the appearance is unconsciously collaged by own fragments. Fetishistic collage becomes a cycle of worshiping myself…
  • Takazawa-Astra
    Takazawa-AstraCover art design for the Takazawa album, Astra. I created a custom collaged record sleeve out of the album's snapshots, and designed the LP jacket/labels with a mysterious, colorful fantasy world. Design: Vinyl Jacket, Label Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album
  • Dreamstroke of alchemy
    Dreamstroke of alchemySemen, blood And a warm field The alkali of the alligator Rewrites the formula of Chrysopoeia - The work depicts the tragedy of creating homunculus. It is inspired by the following passage by Paracelsus: »De natura rerum (1537)« “That the sperm of a man be putrefied by itself in a sealed cucurbit for forty days with the highest degree of putrefaction in a horse's womb, or at least so long that it comes to life and moves itself, and stirs, which is easily observed. After this time, it will loo
  • Beats on Eyes
    Beats on Eyes[Beats on Eyes vol.18] The theme of this year’s edition is "AC Waves." People surging each other, impacting and colliding with each other to produce more unknowns and breakthroughs. "The evolution of mankind is never a gradual change but a mutation." We may suddenly evolve and grow violently in an instant. And then change the future road in the future. This year’s main color is black and white, and the creators are divided into three groups. The auxiliary color of each group is the single color
  • Blossom
    BlossomBloom、Wither & Die Again and again…as if the process of life cycle. Whether things or anyone has its blossom value, we can render it meaning. No matter temporary or permanent,cherish this period of time. Maybe it would get through wither and die of precipitation of turning, life continues to blossom.
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