30th August - Being Proactive, 1-4pm BST - FREE ONLINE WEBINAR

Proactive people take initiative. Others look to proactive individuals as leaders because they're more capable of facilitating success. In the workplace, it's important to develop a proactive attitude because it can improve your levels of satisfaction, competency, and chances of professional advancement. It is a skill you can develop.

Being proactive is all about moving forward positively. It means responding effectively to what is happening around you by focusing on what you can control rather than on what you cannot. Being proactive means planning ahead and anticipating change, rather than avoiding it. We are all prone to procrastination and stressors. Through stronger self-awareness and practical tools, we can learn how to handle these issues well and truly be in the driver’s seat of our lives. Being able to take on responsibilities and challenges independently makes you a stronger leader and a better employee.

Through this engaging training and interactive exercises, you learn practical techniques to boost and strengthen your skills, tap into and apply proactive behavior, and tackle current or future challenges with confidence.

You can join for free with the O'Reilly free trial.


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