A short documentary about how streaming platforms like Spotify are exploiting artists and changing music...

This short documentary by Lightbringer Productions UK takes a dive into how streaming platforms like Spotify are exploiting artists, bleeding the industry dry and compromising the quality of modern music.
Are you a musician or in the music industry? How do you feel about this?


  • @Lightbringer Productions No problem! It's an important issue I'm sure a lot of artists and people in the industry care about and want to do something about!
  • Thank you for sharing this! My band and I are trying to raise awareness about this issue by writing 30 seconds songs with other songwriters (as streaming services only pay us after the first 30 seconds of a tune). We are looking for new people to collaborate with, and hopefully, this project will make a difference in the future. If you or anyone you know would like to join us in this project, visit our website www.royaltyinstrumentalityproject.com or send me a private message :))

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