Any web developers interested in sharing technical skills or picking up design skills?

I've been slowly getting into web development and have some knowledge of CSS and Javascript, but would love to learn more about the mechanics of web development beyond what a site looks and feels like. If anyone has time to spare, I'd love to swap skills or collaborate on a project. I've a solid grounding in design theory so if you're a web dev looking to get into the design side of things, I'd love to chat!


  • @Clive Harber I've been eyeing a react course for a while so I guess this settles it! Still getting the hang of js, especially the syntax, but I'm really enjoying it. I feel like right now my coding is pretty rudimentary and I'd love to be able to take on web projects without feeling like a total hack hah
  • @Mikhail Shumakov Yes, there is, and it's not getting any less. Tbf, React, Vue and Svelte are fairly similar, with React being the most used and sought for on the job market at least in EU and US. If you learn anything, then I would probably start with that. Angular is different and targetted more to developers who use Java and/or C# day-to-day, but might be more up your street.

    If you're going to stick purely to front end here's my tips:
    Learn how to talk to APIs with async/await and how to use Promises.
    Learn React.js or Vue.js - React for finding a job, Vue because its more fun to work with (imho that makes it better)
    Learn Bootstrap and TailwindCSS - they have different use cases
    Learn how to do functional programming in JavaScript
    Learn Gatsby.js

    These are just my opinion, feel free to change the order, ignore, do your own thing...

    If you do happen to want to learn Node.js, Angular and TypeScript though, there is an excellent reference here:
  • @Clive Harber thank you so much for an in-depth response! There's a lot to learn out there so it's pretty hard to know where to start.
  • @Mikhail Shumakov From a frontend prespective you have the basic trifecta sorted. Everything else, at least front end wise, is just icing. You could supplement your CSS by learning Sass or Less. Then there's the CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation or TailwindCSS. JavaScript-wise theres a bunch: React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js or Svelte.js. There are frameworks galore though so spend your time wisely. These frontend frameworks will help you build sites in a modular, or component based fashion. Same with Web Components. Learn how to talk to API's effectively - this means getting on top of async/await and promises. There's also compile to JS languages like TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Elm, ReasonML... You could also look at static site generators, or to give them a cool name JAMstack, so things like Gatsby.js, or Hugo.
    If you'd like to talk more, drop me a line and I'll be happy to talk more as the options available are legion - remember this is just a small view of frontend, backend is a whole other thing.
  • @Eugene Lee thank you so much for your response! So far I've been learning html, css, and JavaScript responsible for making a site look and feel good, but what are some other fundamental skills a front-end dev needs to know?

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