Banish procrastination and harness initiative to achieve your goals in our Being Proactive Online Webinar with O'Reilly - 30th August 1-4pm

What you’ll learn and how you can apply it:

The characteristics and traits of proactive people
The difference between being proactive and reactive
The locus of control and its importance to our ability to act autonomously
How to manage procrastination and stress well so that you can move towards your goals
How to develop your own way of doing things that maximizes your strengths

And you’ll be able to:
Apply proactive behaviors to a range of contexts and scenarios
Direct your energy and actions towards things that are within your control
Put into practice helpful strategies to manage procrastination and stress
Work to your strengths and confidently push forward to achieve your goals

Join Emma Sue's webinar for free with the O'Reilly free trial here:


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