Do you want to please somebody with a beautiful, intelligent, unique, unforgettable gift?

We don't do what you need, we do what you want. We sattisfy an increased modern day's demend for a new luxury gifts, which have to be thought-provoking, and enriching.

The gifts that we produce in collaboration with our clients give them an opportunity of authentic self-expression and give to their's benficiaries an imspiring feeling of getting unique gift, deaply toching, considering their personal and cultural values.

To give a gift, or not to give a gift is not the same as to be or not to be. It is more a desire than necessety, but we do need gifts to feel better.

May be at the moment the face masks are more popular than silk scarves, yet the face mask is not what we are dreaming about. A face mask is necessity, unique silk scarf or exclusive neck ties designed just for you, according to your purpose, ideas, requests - is luxury and prestige. Such a gift is a pleasure to give, to receive and to create.

I have designed exclusive scarves and neckties as classic and meaningful gifts for many VIP and diplomats of Albania and their foreign counterparts.

People choose the scarves from my collection "Silk Road to Albania" in the British Museum in London and "Dodo" scarf when they visit Museum of Natural History in Oxford, as their storytelling gifts.

I have converted into unforgettable gifts the art works of my friends and their children.

The Elite Travel Group; Sigma Interalbanian, Vienna Insurance Group; P&P, Austrian Institute of Excellence have chosen some of my scarves and ties dedicated to Albania and converted them into unique and cultural gifts to their partners and customers.

I made unique corporate accessories for Plaza and Sheraton hotels in Tirana. My "Best gifts from Albania" are in Coin Tirana and LeFutur Albania.

Want your gift to be unique and unforgettable, check out the link


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