Does anyone know any agents for colouring books?

I have been looking for agents for my colouring book which is going to tell people about the sport of artistic swimming through colouring. I’m calling the project ‘Getting People into Sport Via Colouring’ as I plan on doing more editions with many more sports. I would like to represent and encourage people who don’t traditionally engage with these sports as well as people who have a general interest in sports.

Does anyone have any ideas of who could help me get published/an agent? I have found most publishers need an agent but I can’t find one for this very specific niche. I have done 20 pages so far of the book and plan on it being a 50 page or so book. :)

I have already created an small community around this concept and if you want to join it let me know.

Any other advice you may have on this subject would be much appreciated too!


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