Free Life Vision calls for Female Creatives looking to create their dream life and business. Apply here:

Apply for the call here:

Every week I offer 2 female creatives a Free Life Vision Call to those that feel aligned with my work, as it helps me learn more about the creative community. In this call you’ll:

✨ Gain clarity on your future for your life and business and what’s holding you back from getting it

🧬 Uncover the subconscious beliefs that keep you stuck in the same unhelpful patterns

🧠 Learn a simple brain rewiring and embodiment technique to move through your blocks and manifest your dream life (all based on neuroscience)

There’s also the opportunity to discuss coaching on the call if it feels aligned.

More About Neuro-Transformation Coaching:

I help creative female entrepreneurs overcome burnout, map out their business vision and become the woman that manifests their dream life. All in 90 days, guaranteed.

If you're a creative struggling with:
- Burnout & overwhelm
- Self-doubt, lack of self-worth and anxiety
- Finding balance and control
- Lack of clarity and direction in your business

Haze Neuro-Transformation coaching is going to be life changing.

Our proven 3-step method is based on neuroscience and helps you to rewire your subconscious mind:

🧠 1. Rewrite
You came here for a reason, and it wasn't to play small. Together, we'll map out your big business vision and get clear on the woman you need to become to make it happen. We'll uncover your subconscious blocks and get clear on what needs to be cleared.

🧠 2. Rewire
Through the incredible power of applied neuroplasticity you'll rewire your subconscious mind to attract what you want. You'll learn to align your thoughts, emotions, and actions with your business vision. By rewiring the neural pathways in your brain, you'll become a new version of yourself, whilst finding relief from chronic anxiety, stress and burnout.

🧠 3. Embody
You'll learn to embody your newfound state of being by seamlessly integrating it into the physical world through a 12-week plan of aligned action. This is where everything comes together and you start to manifest your dream reality.

The Haze Neuro-Transformation is so powerful, that if you have't moved through burnout, mapped out your business vision in 90 days, and embodied the woman that attracts your dream life, then I'll work with you for free until you do.


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