Hey! I've just launched a playful retreat for kind creators. Would love to hear your feedback 🙏

As a creator, does this sound like something you need?
What elements most resonate with you?
What activities are you most excited by?
Anything missing or need improving?
Want to join us?


  • @helen hartley Thanks so much for your feedback. I agree, how to democratise creative resources would be a great discussion. The subsidised places are aimed at helping make it more accessible. Open to to other ideas around how to do this and still make it financially viable. Perhaps having a higher regular price to allow for a lower subsidised price.
  • @Rik Turner shared it with several collaborators. They loved the idea just think unfortunately that kind of thing is quite exclusive simply because of the costs associated to it. And at the best of times the creatives that would benefit can never usually afford these things! It tends to be the more experienced which doesn’t make for a truly democratic atmosphere which creative environments should be. Think a discount for those struggling is great but if you are you won’t be thinking about treating yourself. Then I guess it’s who you are targeting. Like anything else even going to uni as a creative 25 yrs ago was hard for a working class northern women. How to democratise creative resources would be a great discussion. Wish you luck on your venture.

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