hi fellow creatives! just joined on here and would love to connect and collab!

i'm a recent college grad, where i studied studio art and i dabble in a bit of everything so i would classify myself as a multimedia artist. i just recently did a complete redesign of my website, to make it so much easier to navigate. i would love any and all feedback you'd have on it if you could take a couple minutes to check it out! https://klhcreates.com/

also, seperate question: i'm looking to get more freelance gigs as a designer, illustrator, muralist, painter, etc. so if anyone would have any tips or leads on that please drop them in the comments!

thanks so much!!
xo, kasey


  • Hey Kasey! Lovely to meet you and well done on the redesign. I love how you've stylised everything to fit your personality and your work.

    I've got a few suggestions for you that might help, just some general tips based on my experience browsing through everything.

    - It'd be good to feature some of your best work on the home-page. You'll find that a lot of people who land on the home might not click through to some of your other pages, so having some attractive thumbnails in place that sell your amazing work and get people interested in learning more about what went into certain projects would be nice.

    - The hamburger menu is great and very clean, one thing I'd bear in mind though is that it's quite out of sight on desktop. I'd think about perhaps switching this to a traditional navigation that would go across the top, so any one visiting has access to all the links without having to go searching for them.

    - Along with your best work it could be a good idea to throw in a few buttons, leading to your forms for commissioned work on the home. Again, in instances where people love your work at first glance and are instantly invested in wanting to reach out to learn more, or hire you.

    - A services page wouldn't go amiss where you can break down exactly what it is you can do in an easy to understand format with pricing info (if you have it - not mandatory but if you sell 'packages' this'd be good to have in place)

    - Testimonials would be nice to have on the home/services page if you have any as well (if not don't worry those will come for sure)

    As some general freelancing advice though what I'd suggest is maybe reaching out to friends/family to start off with. Get your name out that way, if they can't hire you, maybe asking to share on social media platforms, tell their friends that you've just started, it all goes a long way.

    Start building up those reviews when you do start getting the work in, and on top of that once a project has ended, don't be afraid to ask for a referral from those people as well! If you do a great job and provide an excellent experience, you'd be surprised at how willing people will be to tell others about how great you are.

    Referrals are awesome for us freelancers.

    Hope that helps I know it's quite detailed - any questions feel free to drop me a line I'm always around and would love to help you where I can. Good luck and have fun!!

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