Hi I’m to the Dots I’m an architecture student / poet / content creator. I have a poem and would like to make it into a music video.

My poem of about the different human emotions. If any one is interested in collaborating on this please contact me please contact me. Here is a piece of my poem called Not My Feelings

…..When you Sometimes you wish you didn't exist. You want that feeling to die. Not your soul, not your body. When You don't believe in love because the pain it can leave you with overpowers the new feeling it could give you. When you don't know how to express yourself, so all you do is dream, dream about the person you wish you could be. The person you want to be. When you say the way your body looks doesn't bother you but it does.
Always trying to get that perfect image, does it even exist? When you hear you'd be pretty if you didn't have that skin color, that nose, that hair, that height, that weight, that disability again and again. And by the time you can truly think for yourself you hate yourself….

Thank you got your time


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