How do I break into the creative industries without any experience?

I studied Financial Economics. I thought I would enjoy it at university but I didn’t. I graduated in summer 2020 during covid. I worked retail for 2 years not really knowing what I wanted to do with my career. I managed to get a legal assistant position at a local council. I have been there for 10 months but within the next I want to transition to the creative sector.


  • Hi André,

    You can what they call "life hack" your career, however if I can give any advice, look into what area within the creative industry you'd like to work in. Look at the tools they use and what you'd need in order to start learning. Youtube is a great goto for such information. So I would start there. :-)

  • Hi Andre, I’m a creative coach and would love to guide you on this. Feel free to drop me a DM and let me know more about what you’re hoping to get into! Thanks, Yasmine
  • First you need to make a portfolio. If you want to be a graphic designer you need a portfolio, if you want to be a web designer you need a portfolio, illustrator ect. So start by following other creatives, learning online if you can't afford paid courses look for free courses. Find out what relevent software you need and what is required in your industry.

    Also know this industry is tough to break into, but if its really your passion, go for it.

    Best of luck to you.
  • Take creative courses on what you would like to do. You have tons of resources over the internet. At the same time, you could start doing commissions for free or at a very low cost for relatives, family, and friends until you gain some experience. That way you can start building a small portfolio that would take you to the next level. Then you can start applying for more creative jobs.

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