How do I get my first job in the industry?

Hi Everyone,

I haven't managed to get my first industry job yet. I have tried different styles of cover letter, adapting my CV to each role but still no luck.

My degree was in Design for Film and TV which I don't want to work in specifically, but it has given me a really good grounding and scope of alot of different skills. My concern is that whilst I may be a jack of all trades, I am certainly a master of none and I don't know how to rectify that in the vicious cycle of needing experience to get experience.

If anyone has any advice/stories to share about their first positions, it would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hey Catherine, advice a friend once gave me was to find the companies that you love and contact someone within them (even the business owner) ask to meet up for coffee so you can pick their brain and you're enthusiastic and wanting to learn more about their position in the industry. This might lead to an internship or job, but at the least you'll make a good contact and show that you're keen when a position does come up!

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