I am doing the concept development for a co-working space. How much is this priced on average? Is 10k this too much or too little?

We are professionals with intermediate experience. This project includes concept developement, concept study, market research, brand identity, logo, typography, brand image etc.
I found a benchmark of 10,000€.

For a basic website my benchmark is 5000€ by outsourcing this to an experienced developer.

Thank you for your help and feedback! It's always hard to find pricing and benchmarks online.


  • @Lucie Claudia Hi Lucie,

    That's great. Hopefully you will be able to finalise the project sooner rather than later. When you do, I'll look forward to helping you with any further questions you may have.
  • @khchichine hamza Hello!
    Thank you! I understand that's not a very clear pitch on my behalf seeing as the project itself is quite vague at this stage. I would love to send you some examples and you can let me konw what you think or what you would find more reasonable? Thank you again for your help!
  • @I Jacobson Hello! Thank you so much! I understand that my question is also very vague so it's difficult to really pinpoint it down to one figure. As soon as I finalise the project I will certainly reach out and appreciate your feedback or any additional information you would be able to give me given your better experience in the field than myself. Thank you again!
  • Hey Lucie,

    I'm a web developer, a basic website is not so clear to determine if 5000 is a good benchmark. I can assist if you show some examples of what you are looking for and give maybe a bit more details. Let me know what you think!
  • Hi Lucie,

    Yes, your benchmark figures appear to be reasonable, but as always it's a balance between the value of the project and what's required to make it a viable proposition for all parties. If you would like any additional feedback then please do not hesitate to ask me.

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