I am looking for music producers/Artists/ mix and mastering engineers to collab with for future song projects.


I am Janae, and Im a Singer/Songwriter Based in London that has began putting out music this year. I would ideally love for my sound to develop and be radio ready so I can begin progressing my songs and my music to hopefully put out an ep later this year. I would love to collab with artists and producers whether its on zoom or if based in london in person so we can all aid to helping each others discographies.

If your a creative thats more photography based, or looking to get into music videos I am available to discuss and connect with projects around that too.
My tiktok is @janaesaintprx and my instagram is @j.stprx if you want to find a bit more about me and my voice, also more of my content.


  • Hello Janaé! I am a music producer based in the UK and I would love to work with you on your music - I often collaborate with artists (mostly remotely) and we always achieve something cool together! I’ve listened to your demos and they’re right up my alley as most of my work is synthy, electronic, slick & smooth! I’d love to hear more about vision and discuss your projects in depth!
  • Yooo, my partner and I are a production duo. We do general production/writing alongside mix and mastering! Check out our portfolio: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/rMScipwEeQFdvJWk8 and hit us up productions.dialup@gmail.con

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