I have recently launched a new website! The Low Waste Weekly; a platform for all things Low Waste & Eco-Lifestyle. Would love some feedback!



  • @Holly Lucas Thank you for your positive feedback - ah yes I understand what you mean, I shall have a look into altering that!
  • Great site Lisa! Love your editorial style. Minor UX point- can you anchor the top navigation menu and title so these don’t cover the article text when you scroll down?
  • @Mary Stanier I would be more than happy to discuss a possible article contribution - let me know what idea you had in mind!
  • By the way the website looks very good and reads well.

  • Hi Lisa would you welcome free content contributions? I am an environmental campaigner and on two committees in my local area.
  • Really cool site Lisa - visually really stunning, I like the sunflower photo especially. The range of topics you cover are great too!

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