I'm looking for a photo curator/project manager/visionary/agent to build an innovative audio visual exhibition with music and book spinoffs.

I am an award-winning TV cameraman, who worked beforehand as a photographer. I have a fantastic collection of photographs taken over the years. So this is a call/reach out to curators/agents or just clever people who can help get my photos out to a wider audience through an exhibition, and books. The exhibition will be an audio-visual collaboration between myself and a music producer, who produces sonic landscapes.

I’m looking for a brilliant curator/visionary/agent to project manage and help bring this idea to fruition. My photographs feature Africa, the Caribbean, and the Afro-Caribbean community in the UK. They cover celebrities, musicians, artists, fashion, politics, portraits, landscapes, plus many historical and important cultural events from the past 30 years, including the Notting Hill Carnival which is featured here. Feel free to reach out and enquire if you’re interested to know more.


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