I'm urgently looking for a Makeup and hair professional for my current fashion editorial series. Collaboration work only

"The Diva Project" is a multidimensional exploration into the evolution of the diva archetype across history, from 16th-century figures like Isabella Andreini to contemporary icons such as Lady Gaga. It delves into the shifting meanings of a diva, emphasizing key historical divas' impact on societal norms and artistic expression. The project draws inspiration from diverse divas, incorporating elements of rebellion, empowerment, and glamour. Through a visually compelling fashion series shot in a club, it seeks to capture the essence of divas challenging conventions and asserting authority, echoing the rebellious spirit of female artists from the 1950s to the present day. This narrative unfolds against a backdrop of societal transformations, celebrating the multifaceted identity and influence of divas in shaping cultural landscapes.

Dates of shoots:
6th, 14th, 18th of december (willing to move dates round your skedule)
Location = Maxilla club
Start time = 1pm - 5:30

Food and drink will be provided during the shoot

If interested please contact me on my photography account on instagram = Larapattinson_photos


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