I've recently been placed in two big international photography competitions - how can I maximise on this?

Honourable Meniton in the International Black and White Photography Contest and Finalist (or joint 4th place) in The Inetrnational Garden Photogfrapher of the Year awards in the Portfolio category.


  • Also, another thought - how about approaching camera clubs to do a presentation about your passion and the story behind award-winning pics? Could be an online presentation of course
  • Congratulations Vicki! As Joe said, use the time to share your good news on different platforms. There's the option to sell posters or prints if that's a direction you're interested in. Also find the right areas to show the work - are there public/local institutions that are interested in this type of photography? If your work is of/in a certain area are there councils/community groups that you could approach and ask to exhibit? Hope that helps!
  • @Joe Lenton Yep, I've done a press release and local papers are usually helpful down here in Devon. I need to do my instagram too. Thanks
  • Press Release? Try as a local interest story for the local papers, perhaps. People tend to be interested in the story behind an image too. Plus the obvious - share on social media then create a post about it on your website and share that.

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