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I have seen a lot of people asking for portfolio reviews here. I am disappointed to see that many of the portfolios are templates. As a creative, your portfolio is your first impression to potential clients. You want to stand out and showcase your unique skills. Investing in a unique portfolio can make all the difference when it comes to securing higher-paying clients. Using ready-made templates can struggle to accommodate extra content. Resulting in bugs and poor typography. Additionally, case studies are often not presented in the most effective way. Navigation patterns can be confusing. This can be due to both laziness and a lack of knowledge. There is a solution to that. Framer. Framer - the website builder that allows you to design and publish your website with just one click. Framer's tools make it easy to build a unique and professional website. This sets you apart from the competition. You can also copy designs from Figma, and streamline your design process even more. Start today and find out more: https://www.framer.com?via=wv (Affiliate link) Framer is an easier alternative to Webflow. (Squarespace, Wix, and Adobe portfolio I am not even comparing. Developer experience and doing custom themes in SS is bad in my opinion.) Framer is still not as functional but it is developing fast. For portfolios, and small agency websites it feels like a perfect tool. If you feel that you want to express your own style with a portfolio then this is your chance. Framer should be a great choice for: - Any kind of designers and illustrators - Architects - Musicians - Copywriters and Writers - Small agencies - Personal brands - Actually also marketing sites for startups I am a bit skeptical about using it for a full photography portfolio with large galleries. In Framer, you can add subtle animations and polish your site with micro-interactions. Keep it tasty though. Knowing usability and design trends is still important to build a good Framer site. What if you don´t know any web design? Framer has templates too. With half a day you can learn how to add your content and make smaller changes. Is it free? You can test it for free. If you want to use a custom domain name it costs. It is worth investing in your own domain. As an example. It took me less than a weekend to design and publish this template from scratch. No prior Framer experience. Building and animating it how I worked before would be at least a week's work. This is so cool that I feel exited about sharing with people and seeing what they can do. Level up your online game. https://futureform.framer.website/ If you have some time sign up and play a bit with Framer. Familiarise yourself with the tool and build something. Share it here. It's good for your personal or agency website or you can use it for client projects. Again. Get started: https://www.framer.com?via=wv . With promo code "pro-yearly-partner" you get 3 free months on a Pro annual subscription. Disclaimer
I want to be transparent about my intentions for sharing the affiliate links for Framer. My main goal with this post is to help other freelancers and small agencies grow. To spread knowledge about the importance of design. I have no expectation of earning from affiliates as my audience is currently small. By writing and sharing, I hope to improve my own writing. If you find it useful and want to hear more let's connect. Also follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/weekendvisuals.


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