Motion graphics help! Design volunteer needed for a powerful gender based violence project, will save lives + trauma. Let's make change!

Sadly, violence against women and girls is a massive challenge, in South African female interpersonal violent death rate is 4.8 times the global average. South Africa has the highest rate of rape in the world. Seven women are murdered daily. 14,000 underage girls, many of them as young as ten, have fallen
pregnant over the past four years.

We can help change this through the power of creative thinking, all negative energy in the world is looking for a positive solution. That’s were we can help and get actively involved in the About a Boy Project. Your ideas will be shown to thousands and thousands of young men and boys across the country to build behaviour change and make a positive difference in the world. Who, doesn’t want to be part of the solution?

We are looking for 3 x 30 sec typographic motion graphics stings created by 3 different designers. We have voice over recordings. Direct Message us at

Thank you CC crew


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