Need some advice on the strengths and weaknesses of my portfolio & how to make it more consistent now that I have the time!

Although going freelance is likely the more viable option, I want to get my portfolio and website fixed up. Many of my projects are from uni and I'm having a hard time curating "only the best" since I don't feel like I have enough to show. Any fresh eyes on what works and what doesn't (and what I should and shouldn't include) would be incredible. (my website is

Hope everyone is staying safe and sane in this Black Mirror episode!


  • Hi,
    I would start with an intro/bio instead of directly landing into the works page. I know you have a about page there. Since we are seeing many portfolio pages everyday, we have a mental model that foreces us to look at your bio in the landing page itself.

  • Hey I just looked at it and I really like the website!
    The only things I would say about it is that:
    In the Posters post, I assume you chose the poster with the drawn man on it for it's iconography, but I would suggest to change the label "Posters" to a darker colour or maybe using another picture for the banner, because being both (the background and the typo) white, it is quite difficult to read.
    And the only other thing I thought is that, in the About page, if you add some pictures of yourself with your work or something like that, it would add a little extra interest to it and would make it more dynamic.

    That would be everything I have to say about it. And about your work, I really liked it, keep up the good work!! :)

    PS. I am sorry if I did not explain something clearly or if I did not explain myself, English is not my mother tongue so I am still learning

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