OUR HOME | a shared new world: Share your work with us! Upload as little as one or as many as ten photos and add some words about your work.

Since the coronavirus entered the lives of billions of citizens all over the world, photography has been able to describe its devastating power in multiple immediate and effective ways.

Photographers worldwide have witnessed the effects of the pandemic on cities, landscapes, and people, capturing the changes of social and individual behavior in the workplace, in schools, or in homes.
By doing so, each photographer has contributed to the creation of an enormous collective and global archive as rich and diversified as the individual photographers’ sensitivity and creativity could be.
Do not miss the opportunity to add your voice!

In partnership with FRAMES Magazine, we are thrilled to announce a unique photography and multimedia project:
OUR HOME - a shared new world.


Carefully selected photographers will be invited to participate in the final multimedia exhibition, which will be organized in several different geographical locations, possibly on a few continents.


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